EarthBox Blog #4-November Garden Update

Ripening tomatoes

GeraniumsHow to clip runners on StrawberriesFresh picked tomatoes for saleOnion sets are ready

If you get a chance its a good time to come down and take a stroll through the Garden.  The tomatoes; grapes, cherries, Romas, yellows are all ripening.  Also, today I picked the first brocollini and strawberries.  I have been harvesting kale, lettuces, Swiss chard, and bok chow.

I have received several thousand onion sets of Florida sweet onions.  The geraniums are blooming now and look spectacular!

Adding a few gardening tips for you here:

  1.  After all this wind and rain it would be a good time to apply a good fungicide to your vegetables and fruits.
  2. You want to check your plants for insect activity and apply an insecticide along with the fungicide.
  3. Remember on your strawberries to remove the runners which you pinch or cut off at the base.  This helps the plant produce fruit and not extra vegetation.

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