EarthBox Garden Center

The EarthBox Garden Center is veteran owned and operated by Will and Ashley Carlton of Dry Prairie Farms, extended family of the Whisenant Farms family. The Earthbox is the product of a lifetime dream and years of diligent research by Blake Whisenant, the inventor. The Earthbox is based on the gradient system as recognized by Dr. C.M. Geraldson, Professor Emeritus of the University of Florida. Blake began work on developing a container for growing vegetables and flowers in the late 1980s. This work resulted in the Earthbox, a revolutionary new way of gardening and the Earthbox was opened in 1996. Since that time, thousands of home gardeners have attended the free classes each week in Ellenton and gone home to grow superb vegetables or flowers. Stop by and see our garden and we will be happy to show you the benefits of the Earthbox. We can make your gardening easier, more productive and more water efficient. More than 50 years of vegetable growing expertise come with every Earthbox we sell, and we do everything we can to put you “in the green”. 

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